Hustler Hollywood Opens in Minneapolis

LOS ANGELES — Hustler Hollywood will hold the grand opening for its 12th store in Minneapolis on Sept. 6, LFP Inc., confirmed on Monday.

A soft opening of the store is already underway while it is being fully stocked. Hustler apparel, memorabilia and souvenirs such as shot glasses and sexy board games are already on the shelves, in addition to an assortment of books.

Some Uptown residents were upset last month when they heard a store was moving into their neighborhood, according to local news reports. But sexually explicit materials will only constitute 15 percent of the store's floor space, so zoning issues will not be a factor.

Minneapolis zoning laws require that sexually oriented materials can only account for either 15 percent or 500 square feet of a store’s total area, whichever is smaller. Sexy clubwear and lingerie do not fall into the "sex-oriented materials" category; instead they are classified as general merchandise.

The upscale chain currently has locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nashville, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., San Diego, Tacoma, Wash., Las Vegas, West Hollywood, Calif., and London, England, among others.