Industrial Ghetto Metal Featured in Adam & Eve's 'Killer Bodies'

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adam & Eve’s interactive DVD “Killer Bodies: The Awakening” features songs from Industrial Ghetto Metal.

IGM is a fusion of rock, rap, metal and crunk. The song “Life” soundtracks the choose-your-own-adventure movie’s trailer and opening title, while “‘Bout Dat Pimpin” and “Dirty South Players” are used in the opening title and end credits.

The beats and lyrics fuel the suspense thriller starring Tori Black, Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley and Bree Olson.

To listen to Industrial Ghetto Metal’s song life on the safe-for-work trailer for “Killer Bodies: The Awakening”, click here

Director David Lord decided to use music from Industrial Ghetto Metal in “Killer Bodies” because he felt it perfectly captured the intensity of the movie.

“IGM has one of the most distinct sounds you’ll ever hear,” Lord said. “A unique, interactive movie like ‘Killer Bodies’ requires an equally unique soundtrack.”

“Killer Bodies” totals four hours and 46 minutes of hardcore sex and action.

“We love hearing our music in David’s movies," IGM’s Heath Joyce said.

"Our songs are raw and powerful and match up perfectly with the wild sex in porn. We want people to embrace their primal side and go out and fuck.”