Gamelink Launches New PPM Platform

BARCELONA — Private Media Group's GameLink unit on Thursday rolled out a new pay-per-minute platform for streaming of video content online.

The cloud-based platform features a user interface which provides an "excellent and more captivating viewing experience compared to the traditional box-cover model used in most online VOD environments."

The platform is designed to be a white label product and will be marketed to studios and affiliates worldwide, Private spokesman Jeff Dillon said. The first site using the platform is Fleshboxxx .com, a proprietary site that offers more than 170,000 videos, featuring 30,000 stars, with 1,200 videos per week being added.

"The new platform has the visual impact and functionality online users now crave. With a multitude of videos immediately available and smart search options to find just what they need, visitors find an unparalleled PPM  experience," Dillon said. "Consumers are smart about they're spending.

"The platform offers users the best viewing solution and early results prove they love it. Minute consumption on the first platform launched on one of our own sites is up 20 percent compared to our traditional PPM environment platform."