Mozilla Releases Firefox 6, Fixes Bugs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Mozilla released Firefox 6 today and fixed 10 bugs with the upgrade.

The company also issued an update to 2010’s Firefox 3.6 that fixed seven flaws in total.

Firefox 6 features a new permissions manager that lets advanced users tweak options on a per site basis. It can be used to modify settings for password capture, cookies, pop ups and more.

For developers, the most significant additions to Firefox 6 are the element, which displays system progress bars for tasks in progress; touch events, which support touchscreen functionality; and server-sent events, which allow server-side script to generate client-side events accompanied with data.

Another new feature in Firefox 6 is the Window.matchMedia API.

“This is basically the media queries equivalent to querySelector, matchesSelector and friends,” Mozilla engineer David Baron said.

The API will help users optimize their website or mobile web app across a range of devices and operating systems. In the browser itself, Mozilla has added a new Web Developer menu that should help with creating and debugging sites from the browser.

From this menu, users can access the new Scratchpad tool, an interactive JavaScript prototyping environment that allows you to enter, execute, test and refine JavaScript snippets in the browser.

Mozilla has also improved the Web Console, giving it auto-complete features and customizable console location.