Director Lee Roy Myers Profiled in Mainstream Entertainment Guide

LOS ANGELES — Dubbed the “Godfather of Parody Porn,” director Lee Roy Myers has added another notch in his belt as one of adult’s top auteurs with a feature profile in the BlackBook mainstream entertainment guide.

Myers was lauded for his “meteoric rise” in porn since 2009 and his unique approach to filming the booming parody segment of the industry.

“According to Myers, the key to making porn parody work is being able to perfectly calibrate silliness with sex. Err too far on one side and risk failing to titillate; err too far on the other side and end up with colorless smut. ‘I need to please both the porn and non-porn consumer,’ he says. Certainly his work is a creative challenge, but Myers is quick to put that challenge into context: ‘I’m not an artist. I make exploitation movies, but like a true independent filmmaker, I don’t have a studio breathing down my neck,’” the BlackBook article said.

An admitted pop culture and TV geek, Myers said that sitcoms like “The Jeffersons” and the films from shock producers Troma Studios have particularly influenced his work.

Myers’ “Seinfeld” parody was singled out as an example of the director’s offbeat talent.

“That Seinfeld parody was very strange. It was almost like sketch comedy with sex in it. Is the scene with Elaine and Jerry the sexiest scene? No. Is it interesting? Yes. It’s a one-of-a-kind,” Myers told BlackBook.

The article went on to describe Myers’ work as “watching an elaborate performance piece,” a style that sets him apart from the rest of porn’s “rif-raff.”

Myers’ is most proud of some of his productions that he described as thinking man’s porn like his Hustler parody, “Here Cums the President” complete with dialogue lampooning past Presidents’ sexual indiscretions like the Clinton character’s line, “Here comes my Whitewater!,” as he delivers the money shot on the Monica Welinsky stand-in’s dress.

The director noted that parodies work because fans of particular TV shows or movies want to see the shows spoofed and that the genre often allows couples to get over the porn hump of watching together, unlike full-on gonzo films.

He said he’s now working on a script for “Family Guy.” “I’m at the point of my life where I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. The naked girls are just a bonus.”