RockHard Labs Exclusively Distributing Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer

ATLANTA — RockHard Labs has forged a partnership with the owners of Forgiven — among them MTV host and BMX rider TJ Lavin — to be the exclusive distributor of Forgiven all-natural alcohol metabolizer.

RockHard Labs President Joshua Maurice told XBIZ that with the celebrity ties that Lavin brings to the table, the uniqueness of the product and RockHard’s success penetrating the adult and mainstream marketplace, the companies has established a harmonious partnership.

According to Maurice, three entrepreneurs own Forgiven with Lavin serving as the face of the company.

“It’s a beautiful partnership we have with Forgiven,” Maurice said. “They have been in business for about a year and half but didn’t know how to sell into different markets. RockHard’s exclusive distribution rights of Forgiven will see its perfect crossover into mainstream stores, convenience stores and drug stores, as well as adult retailers.”

Forgiven is an all-natural dietary supplement and the first and only alcohol metabolizer Maurice said. While some products boast an ability to cure hangovers, “Forgiven is unique because it literally sobers you up,” Maurice said, noting clinical studies of the product that showed a decline in its subjects’ Blood Alcohol Content 30 percent faster than it occurs naturally.

“Kind of like Emergen-C, Forgiven is a combination of vitamins easily found in vitamin shops an all-natural proprietary ingredients,” Maurice said. “It’s a dietary supplement that replenishes lost vitamins and speeds up the metabolization of alcohol so you feel better quicker.”

Forgiven’s ingredients include amino acids Cysteine and Glutamine, which is one of the body’s natural stimulants, that convert the acids responsible for hangover symptoms into harmless acetic acid. Additionally, Forgiven contains organic acids that offer electrolytes, and vitamin B1.

Forgiven is consumed as a three-pill dosage and comes in single-serve packets and three-count cartons.

Maurice said that Forgiven is currently undergoing another clinical study that enable the brand to register for FDA approval.

“By this time next year we’ll significantly be in the retail markets,” Maurice said, noting

RockHard Labs’ impending rollout into CVS and 7-11, with several others mainstream retail locations in the works.

Additionally, Maurice said adult retailers can benefit from offering Forgiven to their customers.

“Some adult stores feel like it’s not that relevant, but we're breaking that misconception,” Maurice said. “Forgiven is a lifestyle brand.”

Forgiven is being marketed through a $3.5 million marketing campaign that involves TV commercials, billboards and sponsored events and athletes. The brand also has been endorsed by celebrities such as rock musician Tommy Lee, motocross star Cary Hart and the rock band Hinder that promoted Forgiven on the radio and on stage while on tour.