XGen Products Announces Launch of Eye Candy Eye Lashes

BRISTOL, Pa. — XGen Products launched today Eye Candy Eye Lashes, a collection of false lashes.

As distributor and manufacturer of a varied collection of intimate and apparel items, XGen Products continues to expand its collection that the company said has bridged the gap between adult and mainstream markets.

The company said it expects the lashes will be met with great demand.

“We’ve worked very hard to ensure we deliver what retailers are looking for,” said Andy Green, vice president of XGen Products. “The Eye Candy Lashes are fun, high quality pieces that will fit practically any retail setting.”

The lashes are available in 36 varieties — 20 glamour and 16 premium styles. Glamour lashes include feathers, rhinestones and other ornate options, while the premium lashes are all black in a variety of looks.

The company said all of the lashes are lightweight, easy to wear and include adhesive. The clear packaging displays the product and features application instructions in four languages.

XGen said it understands that sales in this product category benefit from a sharp presentation, so the company has taken steps to assist retailers in that arena.

“We’re proud to announce that we will include a free counter display with a 72-piece order — the lowest quantity requirement in the industry.” Green added.

Eye Candy Eye Lashes are available now from XGen Products’ Bristol location.

For more information, retailers can visit XGenProducts.com or contact sales@xgenproducts.com.