Naughty America Debuts TonightsGirlfriend

SAN DIEGO — Naughty America has debuted, a new site described as the ultimate in high-end adult entertainment.

The company said the premise of the new offering is an exhibition of porn stars entertaining their high-paying private clients.

“We created and launched this particular site because it is so relevant to society today,” said Eddie Arenas, Naughty America’s CEO. 

 “With CNBC and other major news sources exposing the world of high-end escorts and Internet escorts at all levels, we feel Tonight’sGirlfriend will strike a chord with men that can either relate to this experience or that have fantasized about the experience.”

Each hour-long episode chronicles the detailed events of a highly paid mistress as she meets and entertains her client.

“There truly is nothing like it,” said Jennifer L, marketing manager at Naughty America.

“The cinematography is unsurpassed. It literally feels like you’re watching a Hollywood movie or prime time television production where sex is part of the storyline. However in Tonight’sGirlfriend when the sex scene starts, you actually see that sex … completely. It’s graphic and real but also polished, intriguing and undeniably fresh.”

The company said that viewers will experience porn in a new light and will see a side of it that has always been hidden, until now.

“There is an unfathomable amount of porn on the Internet; everyone knows this,” said the producer of TonightsGirlfriend.

“TonightsGirlfriend stands out not just because it’s visually beautiful, it’s actually different. I have never seen anything quite like this. Plus you can’t deny there is something hot about hotel sex. It’s no holds barred, you don’t care who hears, who sees … it literally gives me the chills every time I see the footage.”

The company said that the cinematography will keep viewers captivated and bring their experience to a new level.

“There’s a lot of talk about ultimate fantasies and making them come true. Some people can make that happen,” the producer said.