Pipedream Products Unveils PDTV

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products has launced PDTV, a dedicated area of its website showcasing more than 1,000 short form product demonstration videos.

The newly upgraded PDTV video player allows for sharing and embedding of the videos directly from PipedreamProducts.com instead of through public tube sites — as they were shared previously.

“The videos have always been hosted on our own server, but until now, people had to use Vimeo or YouTube embed codes to share them,” Pipedream Products CEO Nick Orlandino said. “With PDTV, all products that have a demonstration video can be found and shared with a couple clicks of your mouse. Its just one more way we’re working hard to make things easier for our valued customers.”

A new Excel spreadsheet — similar to those broken down by catalog or as a complete collection—is available for all items featured on PDTV. Additionally, Orlandino says the new video player and file format used for PDTV is more mobile device friendly.

“It has always been important for Pipedream to remain on the cutting edge of technology and PDTV is no exception,” he said. “In 2011 time is more valuable than ever and our new mobile friendly video format will benefit not only traveling sales representatives but anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or similar mobile device.”

All product demonstration videos are available to download. Questions about PDTV can be directed to info@pipedreamproducts.com.