'The Playboy Club' TV Series Slapped Again

LOS ANGELES — Another salvo has been launched against the upcoming fall NBC TV drama 'The Playboy Club," this  time by The Parents Television Council (PTC).

The show was yanked recently from the NBC Salt Lake City, Utah affiliate KSL-TV for its adult content, only later to be picked up by local station KMYU.

But the show came under fire from anti-porn groups Pink Cross and Morailty in Media who called for it to be taken off the air completely.

Now the PTC has initiated a letter writing campaign to every NBC affiliate urging them to ban the program.

PTC president Tim Winter wrote, "I am writing to urge you, on behalf of the Parents Television Council's 1.3 million members, to pre-empt the program in your community."

Winter said the series adds a "veneer of sophistication" on the porn industry.

This isn't the first time the PTC has taken a shot at the show. Last April the watchdog slammed NBC for its desire to "distribute pornograhpic material."

Winter's comment was then sparked by reports that the actors had to sign a "nudity clause" that he said was unheard of in broadcast TV.

In June, NBC chairman of entertainment Robert Greenblatt insisted that hs still supports the show and told the Hollywood Reporter, "They have to do what they have to do. "[But] If I thought it was inappropriate to the brand, I wouldn't put it on."