Bobbi Starr Launches Members Website With Juliland

LOS ANGELES — Performer Bobbi Starr has launched her membership website in partnership with the network.

The announcement comes fresh off of her addition to Evil Angel's roster of directors last week.

Starr said she has been blogging through Juliland since the beginning of the year posting her thoughts on subjects including the state of the adult industry and national politics.

Although Starr has owned the domain since 2006, the site started to take shape when creator Richard Avery offered to work with her to develop

Starr will perform in scenes on the site, and also show her talent and skills as a director.

"I don't see this website as a random collection of scenes and photos that I happen to appear in," Starr said.

She added, "It is an ongoing project where I can show my creativity. To make a website remarkable, you have to create something that'll have the fans coming back for more, whether it's blog posts about the daily behind-the-scenes grind of the AEE, stills that explore my latex and hose fetish, or scenes with bondage and suspension. Some people call all of that 'content,' but that word cheapens and commoditizes the imagination and work that goes into a website."

Regarding the challenges of directing, Starr said she'll continue to be working in front of the camera as much as behind it.  

"Trust me, I'm a hands-on sort of director and there isn't any way I wouldn't want to be a part of the perverse plans I have in store for the site."

For more information about the new site contact Avery at