Katsuni Lands in Lucha Fury Xbox Live Arcade Game

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Katsuni is a featured character in the new Xbox video game called Lucha Fury.

Lucha Fury is billed as a “side-scrolling, beat-’em up action game that takes place in the world of Lucha Libre, or Mexican wrestling. 

Players can choose from four characters — Fatal Blaze, Princess Acky, Daddy Brutal and Hostile. Katsuni’s character is a bonus feature that must be “unlocked.”

The game is available through digital download on Xbox Live Arcade, exclusively for Xbox 360 owners. 

Anne-Laure Caffin and Damien Jamet, marketing reps for the game’s creator Mindscape, said they wanted Lucha Fury to be more than just “a brawl game.”

“We wanted to create a real crazy and wacky universe full of surprises and Katsuni was definitely the biggest surprise we could find,” Caffin said. “We know she is well-known among the gamers community, not only for her X activity but also for what she does in relation with mangas, for example, and now with the French brand Otaku.”

Caffin continued, “By the way, Lucha Fury’s graphics are inspired from comics/mangas, and it seemed obvious to us that Katsuni was the perfect fit to embody the goddess in the game.

“We really hope that all the gamers and Katsuni’s fans will appreciate seeing her in the game and play with her!”

Katsuni, the 2011 XBIZ Award-winning Foreign Performer of the Year, said Mindscape contacted her while she was in her native Paris.

“And I must say I've been happy they did,” Katsuni told XBIZ. “It's always a risk to collaborate with a porn star and right before me they did a game with the most popular singer in France, Johnny Halliday. There will always be people saying that it's too ‘easy’ and not classy to work with a woman from the adult industry, and sometimes it's true. But regarding Lucha Libre, the fact is that the game is not even erotic. So it's just a fun collaboration, nothing scandalous.”

The French-Vietnamese starlet says she actually owns a Sony Play-station 3 and Xbox but doesn’t have time to play.

“When I have time to relax I watch movies on Netflix,” she said with a laugh. “Once I start being addicted to something I just don't stop and I already have so many addictions! So I can't say I'm a video gamer but I really enjoy playing sometimes.”

She said she loves her character.

“I'm the ‘goddess Katsuni,’ I couldn't imagine better. I must admit it's quite good for my ego,” Katsuni joked. “My character is not exactly like me, her skin is blue for example, and I don't practice the Lucha Libre as well as she does. But she's beautiful, sexy, powerful, classy…I can't complain.”