LoadedCash Launches Traffic Optimizer Tool

TORONTO — LoadedCash announced today the launch of Traffic Optimizer, a new tool that determines the strongest performing options for an affiliate’s unique traffic source.

The company said that most affiliates experience an average unique-to-registration rate lift of 25 percent, but based on proven algorithms and the confidence of statistical significance, its new tool allows affiliates and their rep to tweak a campaign to its full potential.

LoadedCash explained that its dedicated section displays the system’s progress over time, including summary statistics and an easy-to-understand graph. "From simple text links to complex member activity feeds, Traffic Optimizer can take any campaign to its next level."

Affiliates do not have to sign up, change a campaign script or monitor their settings to use the tool.  They need need only ask their rep to begin using Traffic Optimizer.

LoadedCash's AJ Durden said, “Why guess what works? LoadedCash.com believes that no two types of traffic are the same, and nothing remains the same over time. To truly get the highest payout for your traffic, you need to be continually testing and optimizing. And that’s what our Traffic Optimizer does for you."