SINsual Shot Promises to Provide Natural Sexual Energy

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — SINsual Shot says its patented raw material technology provides natural sexual energy.

Produced by Dagus Brands, SINsual Shot is a sexual performance enhancement drink for women and men.

"The first sip of SINsual Shot jump-starts the libido through a forbidden secret obtained deep in the Brazilian tropical rain forest," the company said adding that the formula is combined with a dose of Arginine to boost nitric oxide, Horny Goat Weed acting as a PD-5 inhibitor, and the ancient secrets of the Maca root.

Vitamin B-12 provides added natural energy.

“In addition to its proven results and great flavors, SINsual Shot is 100 percent all-natural," Dagus Brands owner David Gustafson said.

"It is an effective way to increase energy and heighten orgasms — a combination available only through our one of a kind formula.”

For more information about SINsual Shot, visit To place an order, contact Howard Levine with Exile Distribution (818) 576-9464 x 116 or

SINsual Shot is available in two flavors — Forbidden Fruit (watermelon) and Chocolate Mint and can be mixed with alcohol.

"SINsual Shot provides a light boost of energy, followed by the feeling of ecstasy rushing through the body during sexual performance," the company said.