Nasstoys Unleashes Its Dominant Submissive Collection

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has released its first-ever line of couples friendly fetish and bondage gear, the Dominant Submissive Collection.

Up until its unveiling at the ANME Founders show, the manufacturer only had a scattering of kinky items in its inventory.

“The new Dominant Submissive collection features twelve staple items that are playful, naughty and perfect for the beginner,” said Kathryn Hartman, sales manager of Nasstoys.

“Not only are the items your basic must haves to start a kinky collection at home, they’re priced for those new to fetish.”

The Dominant Submissive Collection includes a pleasure kit, paddle, 15-inch multi-strand spanker whip, ball gag, faux fur love cuffs, as well as a two and four cuff and collar set.

The company said a pair of ribbed and rotating strap-on dongs will be available soon.

All twelve items also include a free blindfold. The company said the packaging is bold and colorful featuring couples engaged in light fetish scenarios with imaginative taglines.

“One of my favorite taglines from the collection is Someone is guilty of something,’” Hartman said. “That means it’s time to skip past the confession, forgo the argument and jump right to the make up sex with a little bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure.”

For more information about the Dominant Submissive Collection or to place an order, email