SINsual Shot to Be Featured at New Dallas Bar

DALLAS —  SINsual Shot will be featured at a new bar in Dallas, Texas.  

The Swallow Lounge opens in the fall of 2011 and its owners plan to make SINsual Shot a key ingredient on the cocktail menu.  

The company said that the all-natural sexual energy drink is available in two flavors Forbidden Fruit (watermelon) and Chocolate Mint, which can be mixed with alcohol.

“We are bringing sexy back to Dallas," said David Gustafson and Adam Tucker, The Swallow Lounge proprietors.

"We found the perfect drink, servers and building to create the city’s most erotic hot spot.  The Swallow Lounge will redefine the bar experience and jump-start the after-bar fun.”

The Swallow Lounge is located at 2820 Elm St., Dallas, Texas, 75226. 

For more information about SINsual Shot, visit or follow the company at its Twitter or Facebook pages.