3G Rumored for Next Apple iPod Touch

NEW YORK — A Dutch website says that the next iPod Touch will support 3G connectivity, offering users everything an iPhone has including the ability to make phone calls if using Skype, Google Voice or other VoIP services.

The rumor, reported by AppleSpot.nl, says users will be able to pop a 3G SIM card into the iPod Touch and subscribe to a data plan of their choosing, much like how AT&T and Verizon Wireless offer plans for the iPad.

If the rumor turns out true, consumers could see the new models as early as September, AppleSpot says.

With the pending arrival of iOS5, even texting on an iPod Touch could be a reality because the new operating system allows free texting between iOS devices on iMessage.

And, of course, the rumored iPod Touch's new capabilities could help push more adult traffic to the platform.

Pink Visual's Q Boyer told XBIZ that any increase in such traffic is welcome.

Pink Visual has been a pioneer in terms of distributing mobile porn content, with its iPinkVisual.com and iPinkVisualPass.com sites, both designed specifically for the iPhone and now other devices.

"If the rumor is true, it will be interesting to see how much more daily traffic we receive from iPod users once 3G support is there," he said. "Offhand, I suspect the increase will be fairly modest, due in part to the prevalence of Wi-Fi in consumers' homes, as well as the increasing number of businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to customers.

"Given the option, I think most consumers will prefer to use Wi-Fi over 3G, particularly if their monthly 3G use is capped and/or tied to a tiered payment system.

"I certainly hope that we see an explosion of iPod traffic, if and when the 3G support is introduced."