1st-Ever UtherConvention 3D Web Trade Show Opens Today

VANCOUVER, Canada — The first-ever completely virtual convention, UtherConvention 2011 hosted by Utherverse, has kicked off and runs until tomorrow, July 9.

UtherConvention 2011 was launched to showcase the best of virtual world technology and is being held live on the 3D web. It offers all of the features attendees would expect to find at a state-of-the art, real world convention held in a convention center, including a trade show floor, a variety of exhibitors, informative seminars, panel discussions and networking events.

The virtual convention also offers opportunities not possible in the real world, the company said, noting the ability to have an infinite number of global participants come together around a common interest, in real time, at a low cost.

“For anyone interested in the future of the web, and how to profit from the 3D Web as it takes shape over the next several years, this MMO Convention is a must-attend,” said Brian Shuster, Utherverse founder and CEO. “The experience of walking a trade-show floor that is indistinguishable from a real-world convention, along with the opportunity to meet the strongest business players and entrepreneurs who are already thriving in the Virtual World Web at this early state is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

The UtherConvention floor will feature more than 100 exhibitors. The two-day event will also include a range of informative seminars and panel discussions by noted speakers from the virtual world web, plus cocktail parties, meet and greets, and other social events at which business owners can network.

There will even be live entertainment on the trade show floor, including a comedy show by popular Utherverse performer Patrick Maliha, which will close the first day. The event concludes with the Player’s Ball, a high-end, invite-only reception.

According to the company, the VWW has registered more than 8 million members that use Utherverse’s PC and Mac compatible 3D Internet browser to navigate a network of 60,000 virtual 3D communities. In this virtual world, every person has a video game-like avatar they can use to perform at karaoke bars, try on clothes at actual virtual stores, and even teach or attend live online classes at UtherAcademy.

Throughout UtherConvention, all of Utherverse’s normal tools apply, including 3D voice and audio, which will allow participants to overhear and participate in conservations as they walk through the convention hall. Exhibitors and speakers can display products, set up screens to show slideshows or videos and use PowerPoint and props, just like they would in a real world convention.

UtherConvention is the first in a series of upcoming trade shows to be held on the Utherverse platform. The company said in early October, it will host the World of Warcraft FANCON, a virtual convention for players of the popular online role-playing game, and for all the cottage industries that surround it. Utherverse says it expects up to a half a million people globally are expected to attend this virtual event.

“These conventions showcase the power of the 3D Web. It enables you to do things that the flat web can’t, and that are impossible to do in the real world,” Shuster said. “This technology opens up a whole arena of conferences that couldn’t happen before. Millions of World of Warcraft players aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars each and fly halfway around the world to see what’s new with the game and meet others in their guild. But for $2, they absolutely will.”

Sponsors of the inaugural event include XBIZ as Adult Industry Media Sponsor and Rude Virtual as Networking Hour Sponsor, along with AB Wears & More at the Gold Sponsorship level, Silver Sponsors Ari Style and Ava’s Fantasy Zabys, and Bronze Sponsors Style Perfection Studios, Dream Builders, Bebe’s Design, Trbld Designs.

For more information about UtherConvention or to attend, visit UtherConvention.com.