Falcon's 'Jocks' Brand Returns With 'Big Rock Cove'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios is focusing its energy on reinvigorating its "Jocks" brand with the release of "Big Rock Cove," the brand’s relaunch premiere.

The company is devoting its resources to the brand, using Falcon exclusives and large budgets to recreate the production values of its "Jocks" line, which according to the company, was for years one of its top-selling lines.

“One of my first decisions after being named president of the merged companies was to bring back the 'Jocks' line to its former status as one of the top-rated video lines — an equal to Falcon and Raging Stallion,” company President Chris Ward said.

“I always viewed the earlier 'Jocks' releases as some of Falcon’s best assets, and I know that putting a renewed emphasis on the line will reintroduce fans to the style and quality of 'Jocks' movies they loved throughout the years.”

Falcon said its directors will continue the original "Jocks" concept of presenting masculine, youthful and handsome jock types.

"Big Rock Cove" is helmed by director, Andrew Rosen and stars Falcon exclusives Donny Wright and Tommy Defendi and features Jake Steel, Parker Perry, AJ Irons, Alex Andrews and Christopher Daniels who get together for man-on-man action.

The release is now available for pre-order here and will be in retail stores July 18.