Chrome Doubles Market Share, IE Slips

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Google’s chrome is gaining more of a foothold in web usage, almost doubling its market share to 13 percent over a 12-month period.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dropped from 60.32 percent to 54 percent, that’s an 11 percent slide in the same time period, according to statistics from Net Applications.

Over the same period, Firefox lost 2 percent of its usage share, sliding from 23.81 percent to 21.67 percent despite a new design and faster performance.

Safari also gained some speed from 4.85 percent to 7.48 percent, an increase of more than 54 percent.

It was only a year ago when Google’s chrome had just 7 percent of worldwide use, while IE dominated with more than 60 percent.

Still, IE9 now accounts for more browser use on Windows 7 than any other modern browser and IE8 still accounts for 48 percent of browser use on that platform.