Adult App Mart Debuts 'Wonder Weiner' Android App

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Fresh on the heels of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s, (D-N.Y.) official resignation, Adult App Mart has announced “The Wonder Weiner” Android app.

The product allows Android users to create wallpapers on their devices from any photograph within the app, including the former Congressman and his pictures “people most want to see.”

Adult App Mart is also extending an offer to the former New York Representative to earn residual income by updating the app with photos of his “weiner.”

“We’re excited to be able to offer this timely solution for Congressman Weiner to earn some extra income while he’s taking a break from politics, and entertaining other job offers,” said Quinn, president of Adult App Mart.

He added, “We would be happy to give him developer access to enable him to update the app whenever he’s feeling up to it.”