pjur Releases New Sex Toy Products

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — pjur has released its WOMAN Toy Lube drip-free lubricant and WOMAN Toy Clean products today.

The company said its lubricant is innovative in that it can be dispensed in exact amounts directly on sex toys, something yet unavailable according to its market research.

pjur said, “The most important criteria for every toy fan are drip-free application, easy and accurate dosage, and great lubricating properties for a great sensual experience with the erotic toy.  pjur’s WOMAN Toy Lube fulfills all of these criteria.”

The company added that what happens “afterward” was also taken into consideration during product development, therefore the add-on WOMAN Toy Clean was formulated in combination with WOMAN Toy Lube so erotic toys can be cleaned hygienically and appropriately.

Both products can be used with latex, rubber, glass, and silicone sex toys.

“With these two products, we closed a gap on the market. Our Woman Toy Lube is a lubricant unlike any other that already exists — and it delivers on all its promises. It stays where you apply it — on the toy," said Alexander Giebel, pjur CEO.

He added, "One can’t say the same thing about other, runny lubricants, therefore they can’t be the first choice when looking for a product to use with a sex toy. And together with the right product for the cleaning of the toys, we offer a great, convenient combination for every toy lover."

The products are now available in retail stores.

pjur said it is offering direct sales support for the retail trade that includes marketing materials, online banners, product video, POS advertisements, posters and brochures.

For more information visit the pjur website.