2000Charge Adds EuroDebit Processing for Belgium

PASADENA, Calif. — 2000Charge has added EuroDebit processing for Belgium.

The company said the new addition allows 2000Charge the ability to provide merchants the benefits of the Single Euro Payments Area initiative and eliminates the difference between national and inta-European cross border payments.

“EuroDebit targets your potential European customers who do not own a credit card or those who are reluctant to make purchases with their credit card online,” the company said. “With each transaction the funds are directly withdrawn from your customers’ bank account in a safe and efficient manner.”

The EuroDebit solution automatically includes benefits such as instant approval, recurring billing, cross sell, up sell, fraud screening, user verification and customer support.

“EuroDebit is part of the alternative payments smart button product lineup, which provides our merchants with all domestic payment solutions through one button, so integration is simple,” the company said.

For more information, go to 2000Charge.com or call (626) 585-1814.