Releases Arnold Schwanzenegger Parody

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — has released a “Being Arnold Schwanzenegger” parody.

The parody stars Victoria Kennedy, Bailey Blue, Adriana Luna, Rosalie Ruiz and Riley Evans in a full length feature, which contains the familiar accent, catch-phrases and settings.

"It seems that politics has become even more hardcore than most porn movie plots," said David K of

"From Congressman Weiner's wiener pics on Twitter to Arnold the Governor and his mistresses. If men in power won't keep it in their pants, fans want to see why, where and how these famous icons find the time to have sex with strangers.

“Now, thanks to and our exclusive parody videos, our fans are getting something good from their tax dollars — high quality HD fantasy videos starring the fictional version of Arnold Schwanzenegger reenacting his hardcore sex life with several the prettiest girls ever filmed.”

The parody introduces viewers to a secret portal that transports them into Schwanzenegger’s fantasy world.

To view the full-lenght feature for a limited time, click here