Fantasy Lingerie Gets an Overhaul, Announces New Collections

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Fantasy Lingerie recently moved into a bigger warehouse in Chatsworth, expanded its sales division, revamped its website and is preparing for the release of new collections.

Fantasy Lingerie's Mike Savage told XBIZ that the company recently relocated from Pacoima to a bigger, better warehouse in Chatsworth.

“The new location has a full graphic arts department and a marketing department, plus it’s in a better location,” Savage said.

The company’s online home,, also got a makeover, and according to Savage, Fantasy Lingerie is stepping up its online presence.

“We are aggressively promoting on Facebook and our followers are growing continuously,” he said. “We’re also putting together a video montage of all of our lingerie that will available for stores to play in-store, and the 45-second clips will be great for online retailers.”

Fantasy’s new creative team may be behind the company’s updated look to its packaging, which now features front and back product images placed on its corresponding side of the packaging.

The new packaging will be available in July, Savage said, also marking the debut of Fantasy’s new hosiery collection.

“We currently have 30 styles, and we’re planning to add 30 new styles every quarter,” Savage said.

Fantasy Lingerie also is preparing to debut 100 new Excite and Excite Premium items. Savage said retailers can expect the new products to follow Excite’s general “fun” themes.

The new Excite packaging will be in full color, and in addition to offering front and back views of the garment, the packaging also will feature four additional images of Excite styles.

“It’s extra marketing,” Savage said. “We want to get customers interested n the other styles.”

Excite Premium is a more upscale line of everyday men’s underwear, featuring briefs, long briefs and other comfortable styles made of high-grade cotton.