J. Valentine Partners With Josie Stevens; Debuts New Catalog Featuring Sara Underwood

PARAMOUNT, Calif. — Club wear manufacturer J. Valentine has announced its collaboration with Josie Stevens, who was profiled alongside her rock star husband Steve Stevens on the E! reality TV show “Married to Rock,” for the upcoming Josie Loves J. Valentine collection.

J. Valentine sales and marketing director Brian Vasquez told XBIZ that the company is preparing to officially launch the Josie Loves J. Valentine collection of dresses, skirts and other pieces in the fall.

He added that the Josie Loves J. Valentine collection is a collaborative effort between Stevens and J. Valentine owner Judy Valentine, each of who will bring their own personal style to the line.

“The goal with this line is to take her rock ‘n’ roll image and combine it with the pink, cupcake style that she has,” he said.

According to Vasquez, J. Valentine and Stevens synced up using social media.

“We were a fan of her show, saw photos of her wearing J. Valentine, so we contacted her using social media, she replied, and the friendship developed from there,” Vasquez said. “She attended ILS in March to check out J. Valentine booth, and from there we started talking and discovered her interest in creating a line that’s not your typical lingerie, but still very sexy with the fun and zany style that she’s known for.”

In the mean time, J. Valentine is taking orders for its 2011 costume line, which features G4TV host Sara Underwood, who also is the 2007 Playmate of the Year.

“She brings a whole other element to the catalog,” Vasquez said.

The catalog was shot in several locations throughout Hollywood, including Forgotten Saints, a rock ‘n’ roll themed boutique, and in surrounding areas where graffiti served as the back drop.

According to Vasquez, the artists behind the graffiti will be credited within the catalog’s pages. The new costume collection features jackets, legwarmers, and hoods featuring faux — such as the Hamster Hood. Designs include The Queen, The Wolf and MC Hamster, among others.

“Last year we released a costume catalog with furry outfits — skunks and other critters,” Vasquez said, “and we were bombarded with phone calls. We manufacture in limited quantities, our costumes are not mass-produced. We don’t want to over saturate the industry with our costumes. The wearer is going to stand out and we want them to feel special and unique.”

For sales, call (877) 236-9894, or visit jvalentinecatalog.com.