Nacho Vidal Discusses Return to L.A.

LOS ANGELES — Nacho Vidal makes his living performing all over the world with women of every ethnicity. And after 17 years of having sex on camera he has concluded that American girls are special.

“I love American girls,” Vidal said. “For me American performers are the best in the world. I try South American, I try European, and for me American girls are the fucking best. Every time I finish the scene I go home so happy like I did something great. When I work in other places, sometimes I go back home [feeling] like empty.”

The popular Spanish star said he just seems to have good chemistry with the U.S. ladies.

“They like me a lot, I don’t know. I think they just like my accent,” Vidal said humbly. “They really give me so much. I really enjoy it and I feel they enjoy it.”

Vidal returned to Los Angeles in May for the first time in nearly a decade, signing with L.A. Direct Models for representation. The longtime Evil Angel director/performer plans to shoot new movies as well as perform for other companies. At press time the 37-year-old stud was already booked solid for the next eight weeks and counting.

“I just feel good. I’ve been working out, I’m healthy. I’m taking care of my body,” he said. “I wanna get laid. I wanna get pussy.”

Vidal said there were numerous reasons he hasn’t set up shop on U.S. soil since 2002. He married a Colombian woman and became a father. He opened a restaurant/club called Flipper & Chiller in Ibiza, Spain, a horse breeding ranch called Yeguado Vistabella in Valencia, and a film studio bearing his name in Madrid. He has also been regularly shooting porn in places such as Brazil, Colombia, Thailand and his native country.

Now in the midst of a divorce that he calls “a painful process,” Vidal said the time was right to return to L.A., where he plans to stay for at least two to three years — maybe more.

“I have a contract with Evil Angel for the next two years,” he said. “I always want to come back to my house, my dogs, my horses, my family. But here for me right now it’s fun. I want to make money every day.”

Vidal intends to produce and direct one movie per month for Evil Angel. He says he usually takes five days to shoot a movie, so the other 25 days of the month he is free to perform.

“My next movie is going to be ‘Made in the USA,’” Vidal said. “I already have series called ‘Made in Brazil,’ ‘Made in Xspana’ and [‘Colombian Teens’]. I’ll start shooting ‘Made in the USA’ as fast as I get a free day. I may have to say ‘no’ to some jobs.”

The demand for Vidal’s services is clear. Since late last week he has worked for Digital Playground, Pierre Woodman and, which is owned by Raul Cristian who has booked Vidal every Saturday from now through July. This week he’s scheduled to perform three more times for Digital Playground.

“The energy I have right now is not the energy I had when I was here 10 years ago — it’s double energy now,” Vidal said. “I’ve been waiting for my working visa for 10 years and finally this is like a dream come true for me to come back. I don’t want to fuck it up.”

He continued, “Every scene that I do I try to make it the best scene of the year.”

Vidal called Kristina Rose “unbelievable” after fucking her for the first time on Saturday for

“I loved that girl,” he said. “Great personality, great body, amazing. The way she fucks is so real. It’s that kind of girl I like to work with.”

Vidal told XBIZ he has parlayed his successful porn career into other assets through careful investments. “I use my money smartly,” he said.

In addition to his non-adult businesses, he owns houses in Colombia, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

“Now I’m going to have one here,” he said. “I’ve been working for 17 years, I’ve been working a lot. I always try to put my money into something.”

Vidal bought the exotic restaurant/club Flipper & Chiller six years ago; and he has owned his studio rental property since 2003, but only began building it out last year.

“The day I pay off everything, with the money from my restaurant I think I’m going to retire with my horses,” Vidal said. “That’s the life I want to have someday.”