FSC Urges Industry Members to Attend CalOSHA Meeting on June 7

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition is urging industry members to attend a CalOSHA Advisory Subcommittee meeting addressing the issue of condom regulation on adult production sets, as well as other workplace health and safety issues for the adult industry.

The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 7, to be held at the CalTrans Building, 100 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Calif., 90012.

“We strongly suggest that industry members affected by content production, especially performers, producers and talent agents, attend this meeting,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said.

“It’s possible that this may by the last meeting before the advisory subcommittee offers recommendations to CalOSHA Standards Board. If so, this could be the last opportunity for CalOSHA to hear from industry members on the subject of mandatory condom use and other regulations that will have direct impact on adult production.”

CalOSHA has issued a draft of topics to be discussed at the meeting. They include; STI testing protocol; required use of condoms and other barrier protection (including gloves and eye protection); on-set hygiene; systems for medical services, post-exposure evaluations and follow-ups; vaccinations (HBV and HPV); performer training and education; record-keeping; and producer responsibility for compliance.

The subcommittee meeting is open to the public. While there may not be opportunity for each attendee to speak, Duke emphasized that attendance for this meeting is very important so that the subcommittee has a sense of industry unity and interest in these topics.

“One thing that we have heard from sources is that CalOSHA would like to see more performers and industry members in attendance, in order to broaden discussion around these topics,” Duke added. “It’s fair to say that organizations like AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), L.A. County Health Department, as well as anti-adult groups will be there to push their agendas to the subcommittee. The industry is stronger when we present a united front.”

Last week, FSC introduced its plans to launch Adult Production Health & Safety Services(APHSS). The new program will fill the gap left by the closure of the AIM clinic by providing new testing protocols, testing facilities and a limited access database for performers and producers.

For more information on the CalOSHA meeting, FSC or APHSS, contact joanne@freespeechcoaltion.com.