HotMovies to Exclusively Stream Joanna Angel School Spoof

PHILADELPHIA — Joanna Angel’s new spoof on American education, “School of Hard Knox” is being streamed exclusively for VOD on beginning June 6.

Angel, who wrote and directed the film described her representation of today's schoolgirls as horny, sexy, tattooed punks.

"This isn't the '50s anymore. For my generation, school was mostly plaid skirts and boning on the teacher's desk," Angel said.

"The schoolgirl genre is tried and true. We all spent so many hours in class, ignoring the teacher and thinking of girls. It's timeless," said James Cybert, HotMovies marketing director.

He added, "Tried-and-true though it may be, Joanna Angel didn't get famous for fitting in. She's a porn auteur; everything she touches ends up funny and offbeat, not to mention extremely hot.”

The HotMovies studio team can be reached at (800) 611-MOVIE.