DatingGold Celebrates 8th Anniversary With New Payout Program

STOCKTON, Calif. — DatingGold is celebrating its 8th anniversary by introducing a new pay-per registration payout program.

The company said the offering — also known as the Single Opt model — pays prior to the user’s confirmation via email.

In honor of its anniversary, DatingGold is paying up to $3 per registration to start and will consider raising the rate if webmaster traffic proves successful.

”For the past eight years, we have been working hard to give our affiliates one of the best products to promote and we want to show our appreciation” said AK, vice president of sales and marketing for DatingGold.

He added ”Introducing this new program couldn’t come at a better time. Our most popular program today is the pay-per-lead program but this new program can easily be the popular choice by the end of the year.”

For affiliates unfamiliar with the pay-per-lead program, the company explained that it pays affiliates for sending a user to sign up with and confirms his account via email.

DatingGold is providing a variety of promotional tools for its programs, including streaming feeds and white-label solutions, webcam widgets, plug-ins and dating and webcam IM pop up applications.

“Any webmasters who have thought about promoting, or even, really have no excuse to put it off any longer,” said Allan Henning, CEO and owner of DatingGold.

He added, “We are known for offering some of the best promotions in the industry, and new affiliates will want to take advantage of this.”

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