Affil4You Launches Customizable Mobile Live Cam Solution

PARIS — Affil4You on Wednesday said it has launched the first fully customizable mobile live cam for webmasters and live cam companies.

Affil4You’s solution enables companies to use their own video feed with full cosmetic customization, including logo and color layout. The Paris-based company also said it provides live cam animation for companies that don't have the capability.

The solution offers full-screen video streaming for all smartphone platforms, including iPhone and iPod Touch, and it includes interactive animation in the package, enabling users and models to chat together.

Affil4You also provides affiliates international billing services, including one-click carrier billing.

"Preset paying schemes are offered, but you can also duplicate your website’s own scheme," Affil4You's Alexandre Noirot-Cosson told XBIZ.

“We're now willing to hear what the industry thinks about our new mobile cam product," Noirot-Cosson said. "We're deeply convinced that a product enabling cam webmasters to use their own feed in the service is the answer to one of the industry’s needs.

“Affil4you is always committed to providing the adult industry an easy to use and very efficient mobile affiliation program,” he said.

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