Lisa Ann Gets Her Own Fleshlight

VENICE, Calif. Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight has arrived.

“This is definitely one of those things in the industry that goes on the resume,” Ann said.

Word of the performer’s Fleshlight mold has been rumored for weeks, but news today of its arrival was punctuated by another announcement “another terrific innovation to come from Lisa Ann will be unveiled in the coming weeks with LisaAnnDraft.”

Revolutionary and realistic, Fleshlight, designed and marketed by Interactive Life Forms, is named after its flesh-like material used in its inner sleeve, as well as the plastic case that houses the sleeve, which looks like an oversized flashlight.

“I am excited to give the world another piece of me,” said Ann, who has a weekly Spice Radio show, “Stripper Town.” “I can tell you in no uncertain terms that it is incredibly close to the real thing.”

Ann said she'll be at the Urban X Awards on July 23 in Los Angeles. She is nominated for Best Anal Performer, Nicest Boobs in Porn, Best MILF and Interracial Star of the Year.

Ann will host the red carpet and enter the Hall of Fame at the awards show.