Immoral Productions Releases ‘Squirtamania Volume 14’

LOS ANGELES — The latest installment of "Squirtamania" has been released by Immoral Productions.

“Squirtamania 14” continues in the tradition of featuring multi-orgasmic women in the industry.

“These four girls in this movie each cum multiple times,” CEO Dan Leal said. “They are some of the most sexual girls I have ever seen. I have no idea how they are able to do it, but they do. I’m not going to fool myself and think it was because of me.”

Volume 14 stars Lily Carter, Chloe Reece Ryder, Sindee Jennings and McKenzee Miles.

 “I came in this movie in ways that have I have never done before on film," Carter said. "I swear I got off so many times it was almost embarrassing."