FleshDrive OS 2.0 Released

NEW YORK — USB flash drive company FleshDrive has officially launched Version 2.0 of its technology that operates the FleshDrive’s full line of products.

“We’ve taken our expertise to the next level,” said Michael Gruosso, vice president of sales. “FleshDrive is no longer just a great device for anonymous viewing of pre-loaded high quality adult videos, it now offers users the ability to run the most common daily activities in one source.  No need to open several programs, simply plug in your new FleshDrive.”

FleshDrive OS 2.0 offers a revamped FleshMedia Player that plays pre-installed adult videos and also other types of media such as video, audio and photos.

The company said other features include a FleshBrowser and a “discreet email” system called FleshMail.

“People know FleshDrive as the perfect device for keeping your adult activities anonymous,” Gruosso said.

“To continue on that promise, we’ve completed a platform that gives FleshDrive users free email within their FleshDrive where in order to read and write your anonymous email you must use your FleshDrive.”

The company added that the FleshMail system allows users to communicate while remaining anonymous with their acquaintances. It also allows non-owners of FleshDrives with the ability to contact anonymous FleshMail users from any other email source.