Schwarzenegger May Have Fathered 3 Illegitimate Children, Flynt Says

LOS ANGELES — LFP founder Larry Flynt tweeted today that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may actually have fathered three illegitimate children.

Flynt, who was unavailable this morning for XBIZ comment, has been on a nationwide book tour for "One Nation Under Sex," which takes a closer look at sex scandals that have influenced American history.

Earlier this week, Flynt said that Schwarzenegger's "transgression is not pretty," but today in a Twit Longer post he said that there's more illegitimate children to be found.

"The first one was reportedly conceived about 18 years ago by Tammy Tousignant. However, she denies that Arnold is the boy’s father," Flynt tweeted. "The second one, mistakenly reported to be 10 years old, is the 14-year-old son of Mildred Patricia Baena, Arnold’s former maid. That’s the child that caused the split between Maria and Arnold.

"Now I’m being told that Arnold may have fathered a third love child, this one also with the maid. It’s my understanding the child is female and approximately two-and-a-half years old.

"I’m attempting to confirm these allegations."

Hustler Editorial Director Bruce David told XBIZ that the magazine is working on leads from a source that it believes is highly credible. "The source is not asking for money, and it was a source that contacted us," he said.