SugarDVD's New Roku Streaming TV Service Goes Live

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — SugarDVD has launched an adult channel focused on full-length movies on Roku TV.

All SugarDVD DVD rental plans now include unlimited streaming of adult movies on the new SugarDVD Roku channel for no additional cost, the company said. Additionally, every month, the SugarDVD channel will feature new movies.

All DVD rental plans will continue to include free video-on-demand minutes for streaming movies on a computer, allowing users to receive movies by mail as well as stream them to their computer and to their TV, at a single cost.

"We changed up our programming team before we developed this project and it has turned out great,” SugarDVD CEO Jax said. “We believe our DVD rental customers are going to love being able to stream movies to their TV in addition to renting them by mail and watching them on their computer. We will continue to focus on offering movies in whatever format our customers want them in."

Sugar's new Roku channel offers several different movie categories including amateur, feature and all*girl. Each movie is offered in two different bit rates, one for slow Internet connections, and an HD version for high-speed users.

To add the SugarDVD channel, users can go to the Roku site and add the SugarDVD channel to their box. Then they take the code from the Roku site and enter it into a box on Once this is done the SugarDVD channel and movies are displayed on the Roku box and available immediately for streaming.