Kevin Blatt Featured in Vanity Fair, Hustler Articles

LOS ANGELES —  He's been called the "whore whisperer" and the "P.T. Barnum of pussy."

Often behind the scenes, Kevin Blatt, the celebrity sex tape dealer and porn publicist who's best known for brokering the Paris Hilton sex tape in 2003, is now grabbing some of the spotlight for himself.

Dubbed “K-Bizzle” by Snoop Dogg, Blatt gave XBIZ some exclusive insight into two recent articles that featured the adult industry maven in the June issue of Vanity Fair and July issue of Hustler magazines.

The Vanity Fair article chronicles the Charlie Sheen meltdown and talks to Blatt about being porn star Kacey Jordan’s agent and how he and Jordan helped leak the news about the star’s drug and porn star-packed night that landed Sheen in the hospital and began weeks of his nutty tirades.

Pointing to the Vanity Fair article, Blatt told XBIZ, “In this constant changing industry of ours that’s filled with chaos and negativity, it’s nice to see porn highlighted. Our industry serves a purpose. Where else would you see my quote of  ‘most people consider porn stars throwaway sperm receptacles’ in a major publication? You just don’t see that kind of language in Vanity Fair unless the context is important."

The article also touched on Blatt’s representation of Capri Anderson’s sex tape with Sheen and his general concern for adult performers.  He was quoted as labeling himself the “whore whisperer”  because of his care for adult performers. “I really care about these chicks,” he said.

Blatt’s also landed a major feature in the July issue of Hustler that was considerably more porn-centric, highlighting gritty adult themes like porn star Houston’s labia surgery.

He recounted the Houston scenario and said that he convinced her to do labia-reduction surgery in an online event that was so outrageous that it provided him the notoriety to land the Paris Hilton sex tape deal.

"The operation was disgusting. I learned that, sure, guys love pussy, but they will not pay $29.95 to watch one get mutilated over the Internet," Blatt said in the interview.

Blatt refers to himself the “P.T. Barnum of pussy” and an accidental pornographer in the Hustler feature and also talks about some little know facts concerning the Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton sex tapes.

Blatt told XBIZ that the original Kardashian tape had a bathtub golden shower sequence that was never released and that “One Night in Paris” was shot at the Four Season’s hotel in Beverly Hills.

“TMZ has an interactive bus tour that runs along Sunset Blvd. I gave Harvey [Levin] the info for the tour demonstration that the Paris Hilton sex tape was shot at the Four Seasons in room 1103 – that’s something nobody else really knows,” Blatt said.

Despite infamy and numerous lawsuits (including the so-called Cameron Diaz sex tape debacle in which he was ultimately vindicated), Blatt maintained that the mainstay of his fame — celebrity sex tapes — are no different than porn movies and must meet the record keeping requirements or they don't get released. He told Hustler that the revelation may ruin the celebrity fantasy, but it's the truth.

"Some of what people hear about sex tapes is bullshit. But these articles were great. I tell it like it is," Blatt said.