SexGoesMobile Seeking NATS Beta Testers

BREMEN, Germany — SexGoesMobile announced today that it is seeking beta testers for NATS integration.

The company said it has experienced high demand from partners in the last few months to integrate NATS into its program and is now ready for a test.

“NATS as the leading affiliate program back-end solution is used by a lot of our partners and of course they want to compensate their webmasters for mobile traffic,” said Roy Salter, director of dales and marketing for North America.

Managing partner Christian Kreul said, “We realized that NATS is trusted by affiliates and is used by the largest programs in the industry, so there was no way around it."

He added, “Due to a missing NATS integration our partners were just sending us their default mobile traffic but not from their affiliates as there were no way to compensate them. However, this situation will be resolved soon."

SexGoesMobile said it offers mobile billing in more than 50 countries and has an average conversion ratio of 1:40. Partners can decide to use their own content or send mobile traffic to a SexGoesMobile white label solution.

Affiliates interested in joining the NATS beta test can contact