Revolution X/Digital Sin Clears 'Star Trek' for Takeoff

LOS ANGELES — Revolution X and Digital Sin have released their anticipated new spoof, “Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody,” from director Sam Hain.

Available beginning today in retail stores and e-tailers, “Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody” has generated a notable buzz among the Trekkie community and on some leading entertainment webistes.

The movie trailer in April received high praise from, Gawker Media’s, Uproxx’s and more. Hain's movie stays true to the “Star Trek” cannon, while providing some sexual adventures with popular characters Captain Picard, Counselor Troi and Dr. Crusher. 

“I’ve been as anxious for the release day as all the ‘Star Trek’ fans continually writing me," Hain said. "A fan of the series myself, I made this movie as a gift to all Trekkies who fantasized about seeing what really happened when the crew went to their chambers. It’s a sexier but accurate version of ‘The Next Generation.'”

To view the safe-for-work version of the trailer, click here. For the hardcore trailer, click here.

The movie begins on a distant planet where Data discovers the body of Lt. Tasha Yar, a former crew-member thought to be dead. While some of the crew are happy to see their lost comrade, others remain skeptical of her intentions. The appearance of a Romulan Warbird increases panic, and the Enterprise finds itself under attack from outside and within. Impending danger evokes lustful desires, as the crew turns to each other for comfort. Data and Tasha Yar rekindle their old flame, Troi and Riker put the Holodeck to use, and Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher finally have their moment of passion.

With realism being key for a successful porn adaptation of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” franchise, casting became more important than ever, the company said. In addition to using performers known for their acting talents, most of the cast selected consider themselves loyal “Star Trek” fans.

The cast includes: April O’Neil (Counselor Troi), Rocco Reed (Cmdr. Riker), Dana DeArmond (Ensign Ro), Kimberly Kane (Dr. Crusher), India Summer (Tasha Yar), Tyler Knight (Geordi La Forge), Bobbi Starr (Dr. Leah Brahms), Xander Corvus (Lt. Cmdr. Data), Lee Bang (Lt. Worf) and Tim Cannon (security officer). In addition, a mainstream Patrick Stewart double named Giles was cast to play Captain Picard.