AdultCentro Market Offers New Tools, Content Variety

MANHATTAN — AdultCentro has released several new tools and content to help buyers and sellers increase the monetization of their work.

AdultCentro Market has introduced a new storage tool for sellers, making their content upload process faster and more secure. Each seller is given a separate FTP account for upload and after a review by the AdultCentro content team, all products become available for license assigning and enabling on market, the company said.

Minimum requirements for content submission are an excel document with a list of the titles along with production company name,  2257 documents for each title, scanned box cover art for DVDs and four metadata files with model names, keywords, brief description, studio and release date for each title or set.

The company said the purpose of the AdultCentro Market is to give buyers and sellers a variety of choice, which now supports more product types, such as scenes and photo sets.

Each scene of the DVD can be sold separately along with the full-length movie with its own license and price set by the seller. Photo sets contain previews of each image and can be bought separately or with its related video.

AdultCentro Market is pleased to now support transactions between buyers and sellers via PayPal and, with several more payment methods coming soon.

Digital content delivery also has been added to AdultCentro Market, allowing for easy downloads of  content bought on Market through direct secure links, which are available right after purchase and permanently can be found on the order page. When it comes to video content, separate links are given for each scene and each format available, including source files.

For sellers delivering orders through UPS, AdultCentro Market provides a UPS API integration, allowing customers to keep track of their deliveries.

The company also offers a new "sale" mode available for all types of products. This new tool for sellers allows them to run promotions and increase sales by offering specials on their products.

Sales can be scheduled beforehand, applied on single product or to all of the products assigned to a specific license. Buyers also can benefit from exclusive offers.

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