RealTouch Announces Software Development Kit Beta Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new software development kit (SDK) for AEBN’s RealTouch interactive sex device for men is now available.

The company said it is seeking qualified business partners to build RealTouch functionality into their products.

Qualified partners will be able to manipulate the proprietary haptic technology to simulate sexual encounters with their own products.

Potential opportunities include existing virtual worlds, online role-playing games, chat programs or any other technology where an online sexual interaction might be enhanced with the device.

RealTouch said the SDK features sample code and basic documentation to help developers get started. The kit currently targets Windows/C++/Visual Studio 2010, Windows/C++/Visual Studio 2008 and C#/Silverlight.

The SDK beta program is a second step in expanding the possible uses of the RealTouch device and follows the release of the Content Development Kit (CDK) last February.

CDK provides a video content standard for encoding adult videos for the RealTouch device.

"We're excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community with potentially thousands of native applications for our growing RealTouch community," said Scott Rinaldo, director of sales.

He added, "Providing business partners with our technology will provide our customers with the best user experience and the most innovative sexual interaction applications in the industry."

There is no cost to developers to join the beta RealTouch SDK group. During the program, a limited number of business partners will be accepted and provided a development key that will allow them to manipulate the controls of the RealTouch device. Members of the program will also have access to best effort support, as well as in-house Q&A testing when their application is ready for distribution.

The company said the next phase of this technology push — slated for later this year — will be to finalize a Developer Program that will provide everything needed to create native applications, which can then be sold to members of the RealTouch Network in the new Applications Store at RealTouch.

Partners who would like to join the beta developer program can email beginning today.