Hard Drive Productions Files 3 More BitTorrent Suits

CHICAGO — Hard Drive Productions on Wednesday filed three more porn BitTorrent suits targeting those who have traded specific online videos from the "Amateur Allure" series.

All filed at U.S. District Court in Chicago, the suits seek court approval to identify 123 John Doe defendants through subpoenas through their Internet service providers.

The filing says some of the defendants in the case are non-residents of the federal district but that joinder is proper, citing Illinois' long-arm statute "because they downloaded copyrighted content from or uploaded it to Illinois residents, thus committing a tortious act within the meaning of the statute and because they participated in a civil conspiracy to commit copyright infringement with Illinois residents."

Just last week, Hard Drive sued 94 alleged pirates in two suits at federal court in San Francisco. Hard Drive since September has filed nine BitTorrent suits in Chicago and San Francisco.

All of Hard Drive's suits have been handled by the Chicago law firm of Steele Hansmeier.