EdenFantasys Welcomes Sacchi Green to Community Interview

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — EdenFantasys has added a new member to its Community Interview, writer and editor Sacchi Green.

Green started out writing in the mass-market young adult science fiction and fantasy genre. After submitting an erotic piece, she found that she was hooked on writing erotica and hasn't turned back.

Not only have her stories been featured in several collections, but Green has been an editor and co-editor of seven different erotic anthologies as well.

While Green's interview is hosted on EdenFantasys, any person can get to know more about this writer and educator by asking questions during the open interview.

To ask Sacchi Green a question, simply sign up for a free EdenFantasys account or use Facebook Connect.

The interview is open for questions from April 26-May 2 at EdenFantasys.com.

Sacchi will be giving away prizes for her favorite three questions. Winners will be announced after the interview has closed.