Announces Affiliate Program Upgrades

LOS ANGELES — A new updated and customizable version of’s affiliate program MyFreeWebsite has been released.

The 2011 XBIZ Award winner for Best Retail Site of the Year said the new site makes it easier for affiliates and new members to find information and provides enhanced sales tools.

“The technology and the guts behind has always been cutting edge, but the website where webmasters sign up had very little information and was aesthetically weak,” said Dave Levine, CEO of

He added, “This latest incarnation is visually beautiful and full of great and intuitive features that will help webmasters understand how much we offer and why MyFreeWebsite is the leading sex toys affiliate program.”

The customizable features include custom pages and categories, meta tags, featured products and the integration Google Analytics tracking for SEO purposes.

“Our latest Wish Lists feature lets web cam and dating sites add their performers and members to increase minutes and retention, while making commission on all sales,” the company noted.

The new site also offers expanded sales tools for webmasters with social media buttons and the SextoyCMS Blogging Platform, allowing webmasters to create unique content and connect with their consumers.

All of the new tools and functions are now accessible from the site’s Control panel.

For more information about the new release or the company call (310) 358-0932.