Andy O’Neill Takes On Role as Creative Director for FreshSX

LONDON — Adult studio FreshSX today announced the addition of Andy O’Neill as creative director.

O’Neill has been working for FreshSX for the past year, directing movies and already has several films to his belt, including “Straight Guys Unleashed,” “Straight Guys Fuck Harder” as well as “Dads Fuck Lads 2” & “Dads Fuck Lads 3” and FreshSX’s latest movie “Suited To Fuck.”

As creative director, O’Neill will now manage the company’s creative projects including both film and Internet ventures and will head both FreshSX productions as well as design.

 “At the moment I am really having fun directing and working behind the cameras and to now be able to use this experience to have overall creative input on FreshSX’s future projects is very exciting,” O’Neill said.

“We have already planned a lot of new titles so there will be a lot of movies coming out soon directed by Andy O’Neill as well as a whole host of exciting developments on our internet sites,” Managing Director Sebastian Curtis said.“Having someone who is respected in the industry as much as Andy working for FreshSX is perfect for us as it keeps the company young and dynamic and means we can stick to our original ethos of having the models central to the organization of the company. Andy has already brought a lot to FreshSX and I am really looking forward to working with him in the future on a variety of new films and projects as well as devise new concepts and ideas in porn and to constantly challenge what we do in the future.”