IntenseCash Claims SEO Terms Used by Competitor

DENVER — IntenseCash, which operates and, has filed a trademark infringement suit against current and former operators of SordidOnes.

The suit, filed nearly two weeks ago at U.S. District Court in Denver, alleges that SordidOnes, which later apparently was purchased by TripleXCash, infringed on its marks by incorporating the terms “broke straight boys” into its search engine optimization efforts, resulting in poaching prospective gay porn surfers.

"[SordidOnes] first used 'Broke Straight Boys' trade dress and terms long after BrokeStraightBoys had acquired its strong common law rights in and to the Broke Straight Boys trade dress and terms 'Broke Straight Boys,'" the suit says. "[SordidOnes] market and sell their products through the same types of distribution channels, including the affiliate model, as Broke Straight Boys and to the same types of consumers as Broke Straight Boys markets and sells its products."

IntenseCash's parent, Colorado-based BluMedia Inc. also said in the suit  that SordidOnes created a "tangled web of interacting web domains that contribute to intentionally confusing the consumer who relates defendant’s websites with [IntenseCash's] product."

Attorney Chad Belville, who represents IntenseCash, said that SordidOnes has evaded service of the suit and that it originally was filed last year.

"Apparently DeeCash bought the domains, according to their own releases to webmasters, months after the domains had been locked by the Registrar GoDaddy," Belville told XBIZ. "Running into brick walls with [SordidOnes] sites, BluMedia Inc. filed a new lawsuit naming DeeCash.

"The domains are still locked and webmasters are wondering who owns what," he said.

IntenseCash seeks unspecified actual and punitive damages, as well as "corrective advertising necessary to alleviate any existing or lingering confusion" over the allegations.

The suit also seeks the transfer of scores of SordidOnes domains, including,,, and about 90 other domains.