EdenFantasys Adds Sex Show Producer to Community Interview

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — EdenFantasys added a new member to its Community Interview, author and freelance writer Nikol Hasler.

The show began as a comedy podcast for teenagers dealing with sexual issues in 2008 when Hasler and an old high school friend reconnected. 

Shortly after the show gained media attention from the Wall Street Journal, CBS Evening News, Nightline, Glamour Magazine and the O’Reilly Factor, it became a regular in the Top 10 Health iTunes podcasts.

Hasler, better known for her work as the producer of the Midwest Teen Sex Show, uses her personal life experiences to connect with teenagers and adults in a straightforward approach.

Last year, Hasler released her book "Sex; A Book for Teens", and she is currently a producer at One Economy Corporation, which is a non-profit organization.

She is also writing and filming the “So What Did We Learn?” video column for Sex Is Magazine and takes questions from the general public on the EdenFantasys’ Community Interview.