Sabrina Deep Launches 'FanStalker' Website

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Sabrina Deep launched a new FanStalker website today that the star said will allow fans to get closer to adult talent than ever before.

A network of porn stars led by XBIZ Award-nominated Deep turns the tables on the fan/talent experience by having talent exchange phone numbers, interview, meet in person and even have sex with their admirers.

The "Fanbang" gang-bang queen said that porn fans continually chase after a more personalized and intimate adult entertainment experience and until now that has only meant video, phone sex or the chance to see a favorite porn star live in a club or at a convention.

"There is something very exciting about getting so personal with fans; it's like flirting on your first date,” Deep said.

She added, “I have been traveling the world and meeting my fans for the last four years and I have always been driven by this desire to stalk new prey. Now, it is the time to promote this philosophy and to create a new niche in adult entertainment."

The new site is free for fans and features live web cam shows, worldwide tour dates for personal meetings and links to websites and social networking accounts for the “stalkers.”

It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based entertainment channel featuring both live and recorded material.

Another of Deep’s FanStalkers is adult star Gina Blonde who said she is thrilled to be part of the site and this new movement in adult entertainment.

“I am very excited to be a FanStalker. As performers we wouldn’t be much without our fans. After hundreds of movies I feel like it’s time for me to stalk a few of my fans and get them in front of the camera and in bed with me. FanStalker gives me a chance to cultivate a new relationship with my fans. I don’t want to gain their favor passively: I want to seek them out, share a slice of my private life with them and work with them,” Blonde said.

Deep said all talent who share her's and Blonde’s “lust for life and passion for their fans” are welcome to join the FanStalker network and movement. Affiliation requests can be submitted through the models section on the FanStalker website.

Webmasters are also invited to promote the site and earn commission.

For more information visit FanStalker.