Google Survey Reveals Tablets Used Mostly for Gaming

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Most users use their tablet computers for gaming according to a recent Google AdMob survey.

The findings from 1,430 U.S. respondents reveal that 84 percent play games on their tablets while 78 percent search for information, 74 percent check their email and 61 percent read the news.

Gaming reportedly provided the biggest surprise, trumping email.

Social networking came in at 56 percent while 51 percent of the users said they consume music and/or videos.

And although most tablet use is done at home and at night, shopping and ebook reading were logged as the two least popular activities at 42 and 46 percent respectively.

Tablet use is also eating into PC use with 28 percent of the respondents saying their tablet is now their primary computer while 43 percent say they spend more time on their tablet than their desktop or laptop computers.

A third of respondents said they spend more time using their tablets than watching TV, 59 percent report more time on a tablet than reading a paper book and 68 percent use it for at least an our a day (38 percent spend two hours), according to the survey.

The findings indicate that tablet owners are shifting away from TVs and PCs and are watching more content on their tablets.

Although the tablet brands were not identified, the survey was done this March at a time when Apple’s iPad and Samsung Galaxy products were most prevalent in the marketplace.