Smash Pictures to Release 'Halloween' Parody in October

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Smash Pictures will release its “Halloween XXX Porn Parody” in time for the traditional October festivities.

The company described the film as an X-rated re-imagining of the classic film and said it re-visits the Haddonfield setting with nubile babes in danger, the voyeuristic view point of Michael Myers and the sexual escapades of the partying young adults.

“We’re quite excited about this project and are going all out. I really believe this film will please fans of the original as well as people who want to see erotically entertaining adult movies,” said Stuart Wall, Smash vice president.

Veteran director Jim Powers has been tapped to helm the movie that's scheduled to begin shooting in the next few months.

Smash said that Powers, himself a fan of the original movie, plans to surprise viewers with the parody. “I’m really going to stay true to the source material. It’s rich with sexual overtones that we could utilize. Fans of the movie are going to be thrilled to see how we take the layers of the Carpenter film and have fun with it,” Powers said.

Casting for the parody’s version of the iconic roles will begin next month. Smash said there is also a standing invitation to any of the ’78 "Halloween" cast to cameo in the new parody.

The DVD will come specially packaged in an eye-catching point-of-purchase display for video stores to capitalize on Halloween sales.

For sales and information contact Wall at (818) 772-7219 ext.104 or email